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Basic Needs/Safety Net

Our Goal
United Way is dedicated to promoting financial stability and independence.

Our Approach
Basic Needs/Safety Net Council volunteers’ work includes convening community groups to help ensure that people have access to basic needs such as food and shelter as well as resources to help them reach a more stable and hopeful future.
The Council’s work includes:

  • CA$H Coalition
  • Food Security Coalition
  • Emergency Food, Fuel and Homelessness Prevention
  • Emergency Food and Shelter Program
United Way Funded Strategy Number of Local People Served
Providing food and shelter 2,933
Providing emergency aid to prevent homelessness 1,276
Providing transportation and case management to increase independence 1,660

From Hard Times to Giving Back
“One day, a former client, whom we had not seen for a couple of months, came in and asked to speak to me. When I came out, he handed me a crisp, new $100 bill! 

He said: ‘Thank you so much. I now have a part-time job, and things are looking better for us. I just want to give back, because I was helped so much during that time when neither my wife nor I were working. Thank you.’

I could just tell it was very, very important to him that he could give back. And it meant a lot to us, too. Many of our clients do give back by volunteering, and don’t come in unless their circumstances are really dire because, they say, ‘I know there are others worse off than I am.’

It was a very emotional moment.”
- Sue Elsaesser, Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program

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